Purpose and Mission

Digitalization is rapidly disrupting and converging industries and with businesses heavily investing in IT infrastructure, new IP risks emerge which must be considered.

Aliante is an innovative platform that helps businesses of all sizes to effectively manage the new IP risks of the digital economy by harnessing the power of IP aggregation.

Inspired by the sharing economy, Aliante offers enterprises access to a vast aggregation of IT infrastructure IP rights from industry leaders for a fixed and inclusive membership fee.

The Aliante Advantage

One-Stop Shop

Direct, simple & unparalleled access to IP rights from industry leaders.

Risk Mitigation

Best-in-industry IP protection from both NPEs & operating companies.

Platform Ecosystem

Inclusive & fixed membership fee that starts at 1$.

Network Effects

Increased protection over time as more members join the platform.

Contact us

We will soon introduce ourselves in more detail. Until then, please reach us here to find out how Aliante can address your needs.

1 Lyric Square, 7.07, London, W6 0NB, UK